Thursday, December 30, 2010

My Personal Reflections, Lessons Learned & Life's Little Accomplishments for 2010

Thinking over the past year has brought some smiles and tears. The New Year is a good time to
count your blessings, recall your accomplishments and admit your downfalls.
May the reflection bring rejuvenation and redemption to your life.

Here's a few of my random Personal Reflections, Lessons Learned &
Life's Little Accomplishments for 2010. Some of these sound so trivial, but, to me, life is in the small details, not the huge accomplishments and awards.
  • encouraged my daughter to overcome her first day fears of High School
  • made my friends smile
  • laughed more often and more freely
  • focused less on finacial wealth/possessions and more on contentment
  • practice giving feet to my faith
  • enjoyed the simple things in life, like soaking up the spring sunshine with a good book
  • slowed down a little more to find the joy of living
  • told my family that I appreciate them more often
  • creating homemade gifts
  • took lots of pictures (ALL digital!!)
  • reduced clutter and increased organization
  • found that a deep breath followed by a long sigh lowers my stress and increases my patience level
  • comforted a dear friend after the loss of a child
  • helped the homeless        
  • donated to several charities
  • learned that small problems should not be allowed to overshadow the big ones
  • learned that misunderstanding, anger or fear can cause small issues to escalate into something bigger
  • made homemade blackberry jelly and peach jam
  • survived a summer without being a Camp Lela sponsor… missed those kids
  • survived a youth mission trip as the only female sponsor! HA!
  • made new online friends
  • created my first online blog site
  • lost an uncle to a lifelong battle with lung problems
  • with sigh of relief and bit of sadness, we finished the last of a 6 year string of Christmas musicals/Dinner Theater productions
  • had a blast being the sponsor with the Berryhill HS Band at BOA Grand Nationals in Indianapolis
  • entered my first children's story writing contest
  • LEARNING to be a craft project "finisher", not just a starter
  • started and finished two quilted table runners in the same month (for me, that's a BIG thing.)
  • designed a few of my own quilt patterns
  • learned the hard way that not everyone you think is trustworthy really is
  • learned little encouragement notes to a worried person can lift their confidence & spirits
  • learning a humble heartfelt "I'm sorry" can quickly heal hurt feelings, improve relationships and change attitudes
  • learning that indecisiveness is ultimately a decision not act or take a risk
  • caused a friend or family member to have a deep belly laugh at my antics or my clumsiness
  • allowed myself the freedom to be me
  • lost 30 lbs and gained the motivation to continue
  • acted crazy with my daughter and husband
  • created fun memories
  • scrawled notes on napkins in a packed lunch can make my teenage daughter's day
  • trying to see other's points of view a little more
  • purchased lots of quilting books!
  • strung a set of chili pepper lights on the top of our new flat screen TV for a substitute Christmas tree. (We never put up a tree this year. Time just slipped away. So I jokingly told my daughter that instead of "O Christmas Tree" we could sing "O Big T-V, O Big T-V, O how love your colors." So the night we opened presents, we surprised her and strung up the lights and put the presents on the table underneath our Big TV "tree". We had a big laugh over it... what a fun new memory! LOL!!)
  • my hubby, daughter and I picked about 24 gallons of wild blackberries on our farm
  • Mistakes can be learning tools. Laughter works better than anger to get through your frustrating mistakes and blunders
  • using humor to write/blog/talk about my mistakes and failures allows others the opportunity to laugh with you
  • laughter creates a common ground
  • made it a full year without pop (soda to some of you.) The cravings were so intense for about 3 months! I'm celebrating my success and determination with a 2 ltr of Dr. Pepper on New Year's Eve!! *Ü*
  • helped my parents celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary
God is Good, All the Time!
Happy New Year to All My Friends and Family!
God Bless You in the New Year!

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