Farm Life

This page is still under construction... *Ü*
A part of the herd of expectant mothers..

Our first calf and his Momma

A lovely winter snow...

A couple of Canadian geese made our field
their home for a few weeks before the summer migration

Late Spring/Early Summer in OK.
Some of the beautiful irises
planted by the former owners.

A full house - 8 nesting boxes with 10 hens..
as you can see others waiting on a vacancy...

I love watching the chickens graze.
It's such a peaceful sight and can be quite comical at times.
Most of them come running when I call them. They know I
usually have a bunch of scraps for them. They eat just about
anything, even better than a dog! :)

This rooster thinks he's BIG stuff.
He's going to be dinner if he doesn't leave me alone.

Our exotic rooster is a funny little character. He was a
"freebie" from the hatchery with our order..

A peaceful, lazy summer afternoon..
our daughter taking a snooze on the ranch's 4 Wheeler.

My DH loves working on the ranch and using his tractor.
He's helping to clean-out and enlarge a neighbor's pond.
He's a good man. I love him dearly.

More pictures to be added as time allows.