Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Quilt Block Bible Study - Meanings (Part 2)

"Prophecy of Hope" - God's word to the Prophets filled the people with Hope. Notice the light in the center. The Prophecy was a light to the people but it was shrouded in darkness. Then when Christ came, the prophecy broke through the darkness into the blackest nights.

"Morning Star" - this respresent's Christ's birth. One of Jesus's names in the Bible is the Bright & Morning Star. See the radiance of the star shining in the dark night?

"The Palms" - As a new quilter, this block was very difficult for me to get the angles correct, but it was worth it. This block actually has dual meaning. The first meaning represents the crowd as they waved palm branchs in the triumphant entry into Jerusalem. The second meaning of the palms is to represent our hands.. each side of the palm branch has 5 points reprenting our fingers. As Christians we are to reach out and serve others.

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